About Us

Philly Reason is two brothers with one common goal of making Philly great again. This dream was realized one day as we saw the barren wasteland that is the Philadelphia media market. We originally created this site to hold the Philadelphia media accountable. Why? Because some of our beat writers are fans of the very team they cover, making them unable to provide any kind of fair and balanced coverage.  Imagine a place where you have media members, with no experience whatsoever, acting as coaches, scouts, general managers and player personnel guys. Welcome to Philadelphia!

As the site continued to grow, it morphed into something more. We started writing about news outside of sports and the response was tremendous. We’re NOT your traditional media source and we don’t pretend to be. We’ll write satire. We’ll interview insiders. We’ll break news. We’ll write about picking up chicks on the beach. We’ll write about local and national stories. Nothing is off limits! We’re here to have a good time and we hope you join us for the ride!