Anthony ‘Gags’ Gargano

Anthony 'Gags' Gargano

This is part I of a II part profile….

Today we hit on a Philadelphia treasure, Anthonly Gargano, otherwise known as “Cuz”, “Bo”, “Ant”, “Gags”.  Cuz presents himself as a man of the people. He’s a South Philly gem that grew up in Jersey, which can be confusing because of his whole South Philly schtick. But lets not let facts get in the way of a feel good story. Ant started off as a writer and transitioned into the radio personality that we know today. He’s currently the morning host of 97.5.

In Gags’ world everything is “AWESOME BO!” What’s not awesome is the way he talks about having sources and tries to break information. He’s a big South Philly/Jersey slob with no sources and no inside information whatsoever. He’s been wrong on countless instances including: Brad Childress back to the Eagles as offensive coordinator, Brett Favre to the Eagles and Josh Hamilton being whispered to the Phillies.  And how about the time he wrote about marine sniper known as the “Tree Pruner” for Philly Mag?  Talk about a fuck up!  I can remember one particular time Gags arguing with NFL writer Mike Garafolo when he was reporting Alex Smith would be signing with the Chiefs, whose head coach at the time was Andy Reid. Gags berated Garafolo saying his information was inaccurate because he had spoken to Big Red himself the day before. Of course, Cuz got played and was made a fool as usual when Smith signed with the Chiefs the next day.

Gargano has an affinity with current Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnulo, “Spags” for reasons neither me, nor anyone else can figure out. I’m pretty sure “Gags” got his nickname for the verocity in which he sucks Spags’ cock. The whole relationship between the two of them has to be homosexual in nature, right? Literally no one likes Spags. He’s proven to be one of the worst defensive coordinators in all of football, yet Gags continues to push him as a viable NFL Head coaching candidate. Someone should really be digging into this relationship. What is it that makes Gags continually stick up for this complete and utter loser? Does he have nudes on him? Does Spags have pictures of Gags performing sex acts on him? Did Spags promise Gags a spot in the personnel department if by the grace of god he ever gets a head coaching job? This is a 20/20 piece waiting to happen.

One more quick thing on the Cuz. He’s a complete fucking weirdo when it comes to food. He hates breakfast. Refuses to have anything to do with eggs, pancakes, any kind of breakfast. He also hates Thanksgiving. Who the fuck hates Thanksgiving? Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes? Nah, to hell with that garbage. He’s like a 2 year old that refuses to eat something they haven’t really tried before so while everyone else is eating, mommy has to microwave some chichen nuggets and fries for the ungrateful little shit. Chicken nuggets are awesome bo! Now I’m all worked up.

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