Antonio Brown to the Eagles? NO WAY!

Antonio Brown to the Eagles?  NO WAY!

So the off season rumor mill has begun.  The Eagles are possibly / likely / maybe / who the fuck knows officially trading for Antonio Brown, per various rumors perpetuated by the likes of Aliens (cc Eliot Shorr-Parks) and other morons.  Well that’s just great.  Let’s trade for the 2nd best WR in the NFL!!  Genius.  That’s why the Eagles suck.  I’m not a guy to sit here and say I was right but after Tom Brady’s 2nd Super Bowl victory, I said the Eagles should trade for him.  And what did they do?  They settled.  They extended Donovan McNabb and drafted Kevin Kolb while Tom Brady went on to win 2 more Super Bowls.  Idiots.  When the Eagles elected NOT to trade for Tom Brady, I knew this franchise was in trouble.  And these official rumor reports that the Eagles are officially trading for Antonio Brown even further confirm my worst fears about this Front Office.  Like, Antonio Brown?  Come on.  Did you see Julio Jones last week?  Why would we trade for Antonio Brown when we can just trade for Julio Jones, who is better?  I don’t understand why Eagles fans and journos / bloggers are talking about Brown, the second best WR in the NFL.  Just doesn’t make sense to me; it’s the definition of settling.  If you’re gonna trade Fletcher Cox, Jordan Hicks, 5 draft picks and your soul while going through a complete rebuild, why wouldn’t you just trade for the best in the business?  Whatever happened to “If you’re not first you’re last” like our parents taught us?  All of a sudden we want to just settle for an Antonio Brown?  I was never taught to just settle.  When I bought my first car, a Toyota Corolla, I got the thing fully loaded.  Why?  Because I didn’t settle.  I went for the best Corolla there was, complete with alloy wheels and a racing stripe!  It’s a lifestyle.  When guys say, “I think it’s time to settle down with Julie.  Pretty sure she’s the one bro.”  No man.  There’s no “settling” down with Julie.  That’s called winning because she’s smoking hot and a top 5 bombshell in Southeastern PA.  And if the Eagles start settling, they’ll never win a thing.  Remember that.

Maybe I’m a little off track here regarding Antonio Brown.  But I’m hoping you walk away after reading this article feeling inspired to NEVER just “settle.”  If you start settling, you’ll be dead inside before you know it, just like the Eagles.

PS – My wife and I settled on a house 18 months ago.  I broke my back 2 months into it.  #NeverSettle


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