Breaking News!

Breaking News!

We have huge news in the sports world of Philadelphia this morning. We pride ourselves on winning. Similarly to the Patriots, we’re always winning, but this is perhaps our biggest win yet:

Birds 24-7.png

First of all this is great news for us and for the city of Philadelphia! Birds 24/7 is officially dead! You don’t shut down a business that’s doing a good job and being profitable. Birds 24/7 absolutely stinks. When you have two guys writing for a football website, that don’t know the first thing about football, I think that’s a bad business model that’s going to end up failing. Here are the two failures responsible for Birds 24/7 being shut down:










Now ask yourselves this…Are these the guys you want to be getting your Eagles news and analysis from? Is the city better off without these guys analyzing football? Of course we’re better off! And we’re glad the fine people at Birds 24/7 have pulled the plug on this garbage. The two guys clearly weren’t the answer.

PS: How the hell could Birds 24/7 go from two seasoned pros like Sheil Kapadia and Tim McManus to these two clowns? That would be like going from banging Kylie Jenner to banging Bruce Jenner. Poor Sheil and McManus….These two killed their baby.

PSS: Poor Jimmy Kempski…you’re next buddy. We’re counting down the days over here.



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