Confession Time

Confession Time

As we learned yesterday, guard Brandon Brooks, who has been mysteriously ill for two games this season, is suffering from anxiety. Some fans response to this issue has been downright disgusting. I’ve heard people tell him to suck it up, call him a pussy and much worse. Well, I am here to tell you, that Brooks is not a pussy. I suffer from anxiety too, just like our pal Brandon, but I have found a solution!

So my anxiety usually stems from going out for happy hour Friday after work and continuing to binge drink until I finally pass out Saturday night. After a weekend like that, Sunday is literally the worst. I always thought it was because I was hungover and felt bad about what I had done over the course of the weekend, but I’m thankful to now understand that this is a serious medical condition. My friend Brandon coming out, confirms it. So what is my solution to the problem? Well, you can either curl up in a ball all day, and let the anxiety consume you, or you can simply keep the party going. Nothing cures that Sunday anxiety (Sunday Scary’s is what I call them) like a nice cocktail in the morning, followed by pounding beers all day. Sure, Monday is going to suck, but who cares!  At least it’s not happening on Sunday when there’s football to be watched. Better off feeling like your dying on Monday, because Monday always sucks anyways.

PS: Isn’t this such an Eagles problem? This situation doesn’t happen to any other NFL team. Of course, one of our best offensive lineman and key free agent acquisitions can’t play because of anxiety. Only in Philadelphia!


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