Dumb and Dumber: Eagles OTA’s Edition

Dumb and Dumber: Eagles OTA's Edition

It’s a good morning. Holiday weekend coming up, tunes are cranking and the coffee is hot. However, we have big issues on our hands that damn near turned my stomach when I noticed. I must have forgotten just how dumb some of these guys that cover the Eagles really are….that was until I opened up twitter and saw some of the coverage from our local beat guys reporting on the Eagles’ first voluntary organized team activity.

Let’s break it down:



Yup, you read it right. In the Eagles first practice, with no pads on, throwing against air for most of the day, Eliot kept stats on Carson Wentz. I won’t read it, but I’ll bet he looked amazing.


Coach Kempski is back! Tweets like these are why we love him and why his wife left him living in an abandoned shack with a couple college buddies somewhere in North Jersey. Apparently Barnett looked like a beast going against guys with no pads on while there’s no tackling or hitting involved. Love that hes perfecting moves that Coach Kempski hadn’t seen during his extensive drunken film breakdowns.

We’ll leave you with one more from our alien buddy:


Like is this news worthy? Holy shit man are you kidding me? Did we not expect Legarrette Blount, a workhorse back we just acquired, to take first team reps over our specialty third down back? That would be like acting surprised if Jordan Matthews dropped a pass…Or being shocked if Jimmy Kempski showed up drunk to practice. C’mon man.



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