Is Sports Talk Radio In Philly Dead?

Is Sports Talk Radio In Philly Dead?

It was a big day in Philly sports talk radio yesterday. Let’s get right to it:


This is what sports talk radio has come to in this town. It’s been downright awful lately and quite frankly these polls tell the story. Let’s take them one by one. The first poll question was from the WIP morning show. Such a ludicrous question. Why in the hell would anyone care who Allen Iverson roots for in football? is he from here? Nah, he’s not. Moreover, how in the fuck would it tarnish his legacy as being one of the greatest Sixers to ever put on a uniform? Rooting for the Cowboys sure as hell doesn’t change that.

Second question comes from the 975 afternoon show. This is a show I enjoy. Martinez and Missanelli are a great combo. The question is are you sick of the Phillie Phanatic? Am I? Christ, I don’t know. My son loves him so who am I to be sick of him? And who cares?

Sports talk radio is really bad in Philly these days. There’s been a ton of questionable hires and fires and I think the leadership doesn’t really know what the people want. For example, the best radio show in town is on Saturday and Sundays from 10-2 on WIP and the hosts are Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger. Both are pro’s and very well versed in all of the four major sports. Of course, Ray is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to football and it’s fantastic to be able to listen to the insight from a hall of famer, but do you know what makes their show so great? The fact that they can talk about topics other than sports! That’s what Philly sports talk radio lacks. Most of these guys have the personality of a dead moth and are completely incapable of talking about other topics outside of sports. Ray and Glen will talk about beer, restaurants, great food, latest movies etc. It’s extremely refreshing. No one wants to sit and listen to who the Eagles are going to draft for 3 months, or debate whether Allen Iverson, a guy who left everything on the court for this city, should have his incredible career tarnished because he’s a Cowboys fan.

PS: We offered our help to Spike Eskin but he declined:


Hey Spike here’s the deal buddy. We don’t care. As long as you keep hiring night shift guys at inferior stations to host your midday show, you’re going to have problems. We’re here to offer solutions. And you can bet your ass we could help the station. So if you do swallow your pride we’d be happy to sit down with you. By the way, maybe telling people they suck is exactly what this city needs. A little accountability never hurts, right? Ever think of that? Maybe, just maybe, a little controversy would be good for ratings instead of the same old crap. I’m sure you already thought about that though, so we’ll wish YOU the good luck, we don’t really need it.



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