Is the 975 Morning Crew Using?

Is the 975 Morning Crew Using?

Coke Talk.

Per Webster’s dictionary, coke talk is a communication effort led by a bunch of bro’s sitting around a table high on cocaine, throwing out ridiculous “what if” scenario’s to one another.

Example:  Jimmy, hurry up and rip that ripper on the table.  Word. Okay, now what if the Eagles drafted Tom Brady? Like, how many super bowls? 12 or 13?”  

Example #2:  “What if 9/11 wasn’t an inside job bro?  Like, what if Terrorists actually did it and not our government?  Wild shit dude. Break me out another ripper”

And that’s coke talk folks.  Just get high on that white stuff, tell ridiculous stories about how your dad can beat up other people’s dads and how great of an athlete you were in grade school, all the while attempting to come across as an intellectual with these insane “what if” scenarios.  You’re probably sitting there asking yourself, why are you writing an article about coke talk?  To my dismay, it appears our very own 975 The Fanatic Morning Show is using.  And using heavily.  I mean just look at this:

coke talk.png


Yup.  Coke talk.  Not sure if its legal to come out and say they’re using coke while doing their awful morning show. What I do know is it’s morally wrong to accuse a morning show of buying an eight-ball, breaking out huge lines for the whole crew and forging ahead with some solid, coke talk radio for the next 4 hours. But then again, we’re not making…..we just ask the questions.       


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