Let’s Give Bryan Colangelo Some Credit

Let's Give Bryan Colangelo Some Credit

Ok so we can all agree that the way the Sixers have handled this whole Jahlil Okafor thing has been a complete fucking joke right? For those that don’t know, Okafor was basically jettisoned from the team in anticipation of a trade that even his head coach said was imminent. No one knew where he was. His twitter location popped up in Chicago so everyone assumed he was being traded to the Bulls right? Great! We can move on! But something strange happened; a day went by and nothing…two days and still nothing. I chalked it up to a simple dotting of the i’s and a crossing of the t’s. After all, matching up salaries and simply making trades in the NBA in general can be tough. Then three days went by and still nothing. Fast forward to last night, where Okafor inexplicably rejoined his teammates in Boston. Colangelo couldn’t have fucked this up any more if he tried.


Kudos to him for not caving and making a bad deal. It takes a real man to admit his mistake. Sure, he looks like a complete beat off, but does it really matter? The team isn’t going anywhere this year, so there’s no reason to trade an asset for 50 cents on the dollar. I give Colangelo credit for waiting this out and waiting for the best deal. After all, if you tank a whole year for this guy, you owe to the fans to get the best return for their investment.Now go ahead Bryan and get the best deal done.


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