Is Sports Talk Radio In Philly Dead?

It was a big day in Philly sports talk radio yesterday. Let’s get right to it: This is what sports talk radio has come to in this town. It’s been downright awful lately and quite frankly these polls tell the story. Let’s take them one by one. The first poll question was from the WIP morning show. Such a ludicrous question. Why in the hell would anyone care who Allen Iverson roots for in football? is he from here? Nah, he’s not. Moreover, how in the fuck would it tarnish his legacy......

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Lunch Pail Award 1/6
Lunch Pail Awards |
January 06, 2017

Lunch Pail Award 1/6

Lunch pail award time! This is one of my favorite segments. We haven’t given out the award in a while because quite frankly, it wasn’t deserved. Today, we have ourselves...

New Year's Resolutions:  2017
In The News, Stories |
January 05, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions: 2017

I’m a huge New Year’s Resolutions guy. New Year, new me, right? Life is always about setting goals for yourself so you have something to work towards. So why not...

Confession Time
In The News, Philly's Finest, Stories |
December 15, 2016

Confession Time

As we learned yesterday, guard Brandon Brooks, who has been mysteriously ill for two games this season, is suffering from anxiety. Some fans response to this issue has been downright...

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