Should The Stay or Go? Linebacker Edition

Should The Stay or Go? Linebacker Edition

For those that missed it yesterday, we started our series of “Should they stay or should they go”. We profiled the defensive line and today we’ll talk about the linebackers. Let’s do it:

Jordan Hicks – Despite playing out of position, Hicks is an absolute stud. One of the few Chip (fat fired fraud) draft picks that actually panned out. This one is a no brainer; in fact I think Howie should be working on an extension.

Verdict: Keep him

Nigel Bradham – Is there anyone that started their season off better than Bradham? First, he beats the ever living shit out of a cabana boy, and then he gets popped in an airport with a loaded gun; however he was playing lights out for the first few weeks. But, as the season wore on, he performed as he had done every other year of his career. He’s a little above average as a player, nothing more, nothing less. He’ll make a few plays and then completely disappear on you. With that said, I’ll take a guy with major character flaws every day on my defense.

Verdict: Keep him

Mychal Kendricks – Is there a player more maddening than Kendricks? He’s shown so much promise in the past and yet he still can’t put it together. This is a classic case of “we got the wrong brother”, which has become a trend in Philadelphia.

Verdict: Get out

Stephen Tulloch, Najee Goode, Kamu Grugier-Hill – As far as I’m concerned this is the worst group of backups in the league. Our linebackers were already shaky as it was and to have this kind of shit depth behind them is scary.

Verdect: Get out. All of them.


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